You are looking for a reduction in the effects of stress on the body and you want deep relaxation and relief of Musculo-articular pain?

Californian massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes tissue oxygenation, relaxes the muscles and relieves deep tension.

We offer you the opportunity to refocus, to relax deeply and evacuate the stress with this massage.

Considering the law of 30 april 1946 and a decree 60 669 of July 1960, the article 4891 and the decree of 8 october 1996, it’s not about medical massages or physiotherapy or sexually tinted (article 222-33 criminal code)


  • formula 1 - 35 EURO
    • massage (back/neck/head) (30 min.)
    • tisane

  • formula 2 - 65 EURO
    • body massage (60 min.)
    • tisane

  • formula 3 - 85 EURO
    • jacuzzi (20 min.)
    • body massage (60 min.)
    • tisane
    • includes Jacuzzi kit (bathrobes and towel + bath slippers)

  • formula 4 - 95 EURO
    • jacuzzi (40 min.)
    • massage relaxant du corps (60 min.)
    • tisane
    • includes Jacuzzi kit (bathrobes and towel + bath slippers)


our formules can you reserve the moment you book a room or gîte but you can also book the moment you arrive in Domaine du Mas Naut

the massaged person wears at least a brief or swimsuit. The physical integrity of the massaged persin will be ensured by a draping, never revealing their intimacy.

the rules of procedure to be respected have been attached to the massage area

for better relaxation we advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the massage. In case of delay the treatment will end the time initially planned.